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Link loving - The age of mobile is here, Nigeria, China, Nokia, Samsung

Hello! Here are a few of the more interesting mobile related articles I’ve found recently:

  • Mobile web is coming to China in a big way - Baidu, the Chinese Google has announced it’s new operating system called Bandu Yi OS. They’ve teamed up with Foxconn to churn out $160 smartphones based on Google’s Android. Google might not be best pleased though, the phones will be packed full of Baidu’s apps instead of Google’s. 
  • Browsing the internet on mobile phones can be slow, expensive and frustrating. Which is why the Opera mini browser is so helpful, it strips out unnecessary data as you’re browsing making mobile browsing faster and cheaper. The company has just released a report showing that more and more people only access the internet via their mobiles. The killer stats are: Egypt (72%), Bangladesh (69%), Brazil (65%) and South Africa (61%), these numbers for Opera users are significantly higher - via Techcrunch
  • Nigeria is now the leading country in Africa for mobile based advertising according to InMobi - the main reason seems to be there are now 95 million active mobile subscribers in the country. The market is now gathering momentum: “7 per cent growth was recorded in mobile advertising impressions in Nigeria for the first three months of 2012”.
  • More news from China, Reuters report that Apple’s growth is exploding - the company is set to see it’s sales growth double this year
  • Nokia’s slide to bankruptcy continues. Who’s to blame? Nokia - for making bad phones and moving slowly. Samsung is cleaning up as Nokia declines, it’s now the top tech firm globally by revenue and as sells more phones than Nokia. This pains me a bit - I used to love Nokia’s phones - but they’ve made bad phones for too long. 
  • Hamish McKenzie has declared the Web 2.0 era to be over over on PandoDaily. Apparently “We are now starting the Age of Mobile”. I’m always wary about this or that era being declared over but he makes good points, it’s worth a read
  • In London on May 16th? Then get down to “ Keeping pace with a digital revolution”. it looks like it’s going to be an interesting evening chaired by Justin Web (from Today on BBC Radio 4) at the the Royal Geographical Society.

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